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п»їAt Home Business Ideas for the Handicapped or Disabled - How to Earn Money at Home

As of March 2009, the official unemployment rate for disabled Americans was 13.2%. If you are one of the many who want to work and are looking, consider starting a business from home in this forgotten niche.
The best home based business ideas begin with knowing your niche. If you are one of the many handicapped people who want to contribute, remember, you have certain skills, life experience, interests and values that others may not have, so finding your niche is going to be much easier.
Here are the 10 best home based (handicapped accessible) business ideas you may want to consider:
1. Bed & Breakfast- Especially for others with a handicap. If you live in a large home and love visitors, this is a ready-made, handicapped accessible business to help the disabled get out there and travel. A great work at home business.
2. Pet Sitting is a small business option for those who love caring for animals on a temporary basis. I know so many people who would like to go away for a weekend but have no one to leave their pets with who will love them as much as they do.
3. Jewelry Designer – Did you see the Oprah show about 10-year-old Shiloh Peppin who wants to grow up to be a jewelry designer? Her handicap of fused legs will not stop her from the career of her dreams, nor should it stop you.
4. Gift Basket Service – The entrepreneur can design them at home to specific niches and mail them to buyers or make them available in local specialty stores.
5. Internet Store – If you are computer savvy, consider opening an internet based business that sells affiliate items. You receive a commission for every affiliate item you sell to others. See my website for more affiliate information.
6. Life Coaching – Who knows better than you what it’s like to survive and thrive with a handicap or challenge of any kind? So many people are waiting for your encouraging words.
7. Song Writer – For those with a love of music, why not write & sell your music for a living?
8. Recording Artist – If you have a beautiful voice, you can make a living from becoming a singer. Perhaps your niche is jingles – hey someone wrote & sang all those McDonalds jingles. Or maybe your niche is spiritual music, rock ‘n roll or weddings.
9. Screen Writer – Write what you know. Tell your story. Everyone’s already told you that your life is like a movie. Why not share your story with the rest of us?
10. Motivational Speaker – There is a great need for motivational speakers. You could speak at churches, community organizations, business meetings and even write and publish a book or EBook to motivate others.
If you were born challenged or experienced a life altering event and became handicapped or disabled later in life, and you want to work, you can and should.
Think seriously about starting a small business from home. These are just ten simple business ideas.
I know you can come up with more home based business ideas that are specific to your skills, values and interests. Here’s to your business success.

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п»їWhy Smart Social-Media Marketing Is Brilliant SEO Strategy

Your SEO campaign is boosted by your content through optimizing for certain key phrases, drawing in more links and social networking feeds into your content marketing campaign by amplifying its reach. However, how does social media play into search engine optimization? Will your social media campaign improve your rankings in organic search?
Social media as a syndication platform
Brian Morse, digital marketing director at SEO Vancouver BC, cites that social media has a huge benefit as a marketing channel because of its power to distribute links and content to a large audience, and also a growing one if you know the way to grow your following. Using social media to syndicate an article may immediately open it to lots of new eyes and that audience might share it further. This by itself will not help you much from an SEO point of view; however, every engaged reader could be an editor, a blogger, journalist or else have the capability to build a natural link to your content. Since they reference it in their own work, meaning social media can significantly increase the potential of your inbound link profile.
Moreover, using social media to post your content could benefit you with the social media visibility. Google currently indexes content from Twitter, Facebook, and most probably more social networking platforms to come. If relevance and timing are correct, your post may directly appear in search results.
Information on your profile
One of the primary measures you take in a social media marketing campaign is completing your social profiles with details about your business from your name and kind of industry to your phone number and address. This content is indexable, and it can indirectly help you to rank locally; most third-party review websites mine profiles from social media for local business details, which they then put together into entries on their website. These entries are then used by Google to create its own normal formatting for a local company, meaning completing your profiles on social media may improve the accuracy and visibility of your company on the web.
Social signals
There has been some debate in the search engine optimization community regarding whether or not your search rankings can be affected by “social signals,” and what, precisely, are in the beginning. It is because Google has both openly confirmed and openly denied the existence of social signals in its search ranking algorithm. The argument is that content that gets a significant number of shares on social media can get an extra boost in perceived authority, making sense on paper; however, the experiential evidence differs.
Keys for lasting success
Your social media campaign can improve your search rankings, provided that you keep the following ideal techniques in mind for lasting success:
в—Џ Use social media to promote your content. For greater search engine visibility, you need to promote your content, so take advantage of it and syndicate each article you create.
в—Џ Your profiles should be completed. This has to be your initial step. You can never tell what information might be helpful, so complete each field entirely.
в—Џ Shares should be encouraged. You need to publish content that has a high likelihood of shareability and encourage your readers to share them. It will earn you more audience members, more social signals, and more inbound links to support you down the road.
в—Џ Engage with influencers. Go out of your way to locate and connect with influencers. They symbolize major chances to multiply your brand visibility and audience.
Publishing opportunities and Influencer marketing
Social networking is also a conduit channel for creating new connections, with influencers who currently have a huge reputation and following and also external publications that may team up with you to publish your articles as a guest post. If you can use these two categories to attract the attention of users, it's possible to increase your number of influence significantly. In this context, you can gain more diversified SEO opportunities by using social media.
The influence of inbound links
“The two most important factors that Google takes into account when ranking results for a particular query are authority and relevance. The relevance of authority is how reliable the source is, while an entry's relevance is how properly it fulfills the needs of the offered search query. To make it simpler, the more, higher-authority links you have in your site pointing to you, the higher you will rank” says Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom.
This is the main reason why social media is essential to SEO, and it is all due to the operation of social media as a syndication platform. The links in tweets, Facebook posts or other social networking posts do not affect your search rankings directly; however, the enhanced reach they offer your content can lead to it drawing in more backlinks to your site from sources that do make a direct impact.

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